Monday, 16 July 2012

Pinterest Top 10 World's Most Expensive...

Victoria Secret Black Diamond Fantasy Miracle Bra... only $5 MILLION!!!

Victoria Secret Treasure Fantasy Bra - only $2.5MILLION

201 Carat Chopard Watch. £25 MILLION

Chateau Lafite 1787 $160,000 a bottle

Gold Leafed Blue Stilton Cheese made in England. Only $950 per kilo!

The World's most expensive dog - Red Tibetan Mastiff. $1.5 MILLION

Worlds Longest Wedding Dress....

has a 2 mile trail!!!

Diamond and Emerald Tiara. A cool $12 MILLION

24kt Gold Shoes Laces - $20,000

Golden Cupcake, contains edible gold. $1100 a cake.

Bijoux Amour Amour Dog Collar. $3.2 MILLION

House of Borgezie Shoes. $220,000 a pair.

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